Monday, October 8, 2012

PR First Impressions: El San Juan Resort and Casino

As you all know my mother and I went on a vacay to San Juan, Puerto Rico to celebrate her 40th birthday. #40andFabulous There's so much to tell you all but I'll start with my first impressions, and what usually creates your first impression on any vacation or trip?Your hotel and it's staff!

Long story short I LOVED our hotel .... El San Juan Resort and Casino. I was greeted by friendly smiles from everyone which immediately made me feel like I made the right choice. Nestled in the Isla Verde district we stayed in one of the city's most popular resorts. Known for it's bustling nightlife scene of gaming and dancing we were clearly in the right place for a good time. Oh but that's not all. There are also 2 salons, 2 night clubs, and 10 different restaurants, lounges,cafes, and even a sports bar. Let's not forget the casino! Momma came up on the black jack table lol. Can you say poppin?!

I can't help but sharing three photo's of my favorite part of the resort....the pool and beach!!!The hotel had three pools on the premises. The main pool has a swim up bar for guests to get wet and wavy! lol Which meant Mommy and I were bouncing around in the pool with mango mojitos heyyyy!!! The sprawling white sands of the Isla Verde beach were right outside our room which made lounging in the sun all the more convenient (although we only made it there one day). Both the pool and the beach are so beautiful and relaxing that you could spend not one but two days playing in both!

We spent most of our time out of the room ( which you will read about in later post) but the room was a simple modern design that left us with tons of closet space and comfort. In my opinion it was the average accommodation nothing over the top but just enough to keep me in the bed for a late wake up lol.

One of the greatest things about the hotel was the location! Under 10 minutes from the airport and Old San Juan. It was good to feel like we were central enough to walk around the streets and find a Walgreen's yet secluded enough to escape to peace and relaxation when we needed it.

All of this came for a little over $100 per night which is a steal in my opinion. I'm usually a budget traveler but it's good to treat yourself to a little luxury sometimes....especially when you call yourself treating your Momma  ;-)

What are your hotel preferences? Do you like to be in the action or in a secluded environment? Share your thoughts! 


  1. I've stayed at this hotel. Yes, nice indeed!! If I'm at the beach resort, I prefer ocean view (ie..Myrtle Beach, Hilton Head, PR). If I'm going to a big city, I prefer to be in the city but will go to outskirts if in the city accomodation is costly and public transportation is accessible (ie..NYC). Love the pics and can't wait to read about your adventures! Sharee

    1. Thanks so much for reading! I agree with a ocean view room. Most times if I'm in a big city outside of the U.S. and I don't have much time just to avoid figuring out the pub trans system I'll stay in a city hotel.

  2. Great list! I missed the travel bandwagon this go around, but it's been great reading everyone's posts. Hope that all is going well. Take care.

  3. I think it’s okay that they don’t have quite the luxurious rooms, since you’ll end up staying out of them most of your stay anyways. I really love hotels that are beach-side since you don’t have to travel far and you can easily go back and enjoy other accommodations when you’re all beached-out. :)

    Rowena @ Moonlight Bay Hostel

  4. As long as the rooms and beds are always clean and the sheets are replaced (preferably everyday), I’m happy. Also, a spa accommodation is definitely a big plus. Nothing like going for a dip and then getting a wonderful massage while you relax.

    John @ The Parkside

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