Sunday, September 30, 2012

Packing for Long Weekend Trips: Puerto Rico/Beach Edition

It was the night before leaving for PR and I realized I don’t have anything new to wear for my trip, so like most people I went shopping in the closet. I wanted to pack light but still have some style. My packing inspiration comes from ‘s Mexico Travel Outfit. I figured what can work for Mexico could work for Puerto Rico.

 So according to this packing list you should only pack 10 things:

-Jean shirt
-Tank blouse
-Striped t-shirt
-Black pants
-Orange maxi skirt
-Jean shorts

This is what my packing looked like with the travel fashion girls suggestions with my own twist ….I think I did pretty good only 11 items ;-)

 ü  Jean shirt
 ü  Tank blouse: white/grey tank
 ü  Scarf
 ü  Sandals
 ü  Earrings ( pearls are my everyday earrings)

BGBW Additions

-High waist shorts: A good way to spice up the jean short option

-Day dress: I believe that every trip needs a day dress, they are so simple and cute!

-High wedge pumps: Duh! You never know when the music will call your name and you will end up partying the night away lol!           

-Mustard blouse:Good for dressing up or down. You can pair it with the black skirt to go out to the club or the navy maxi to go to the beach.

-Black skirt: Another dress up or down piece that can be paired with the mustard blouse or with a tank or t-shirt.

Here’s a few photo’s to show you how I put it all together. I consider myself to have a classic style so if you’re looking for fanciness I can’t help lol!

I hope this helps for your next trip to the beach. Do you have any suggestions on ways to pack light for a trip?


  1. Thank you for using my list, I hope it worked out for PR! You look great! :-)

    1. It was fabulous!!! thank you for creating this awesome list!