Thursday, August 1, 2013

First Book Club Pick! WANDERLUST!

You all voted! Not many but that's not what matters lol, I'm still excited about our small group!  Our first book will be Wanderlust but before we can begin let's get some logistics in order.

1. The party will always be on BGBW! I will post the questions and my comments in the actual blog post and you all will reply with your thoughts in the comments section. Should you all prefer a Facebook group we can discuss this moving forward.

2. I will posts questions and my comments once a week. Once we get an idea of every one's reading speed we can adjust accordingly.

3. Please comment on other's comments! This online book club will only be as fun as we make it. Engage with one another, initiate new discussions, bring questions of your own to the table, HAVE FUN!

4. Please get your book ASAP or read the preview on amazon that was posted to have access to the first chapters. EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE SOME FORM OF THE BOOK BY THIS MONDAY AUGUST 5TH!!!

Thanks again for everyone that's participating. I can't wait to read what you all think of the book! First questions and perspectives will be up next week. Have a great weekend!


  1. Hi, just checking in to see if I've missed any postings with questions and discussions about the book Wanderlust.

    1. Hey love! I never got feedback on anyone getting the book....of course I'm still down to discuss!! Have you started reading?

  2. Yes. Sorry, just now getting back to you. Yes, I finished it in mid-August. My sis is reading it now.

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