Thursday, August 23, 2012

12 Things I MUST do before the end of 2012

Summer is leaving us and Fall is approaching and before you know it 2013 will be here! I feel like it was just January and I was writing down all the things I wanted to accomplish this year. I cannot believe that I'm already pass the 6 month mark! WAIT 2012 COME BACK!! Well people it's not coming back so it's time to dust off your goal chart, wish list, or whatever else you made for this year and get going! Since I'm way behind I decided that I would commit to 12 things to do before the end of 2012 #12in2012. I may not get them all done and I may switch them out with other things but the point is I WILL make 2012 a great year!    

      1. Visit A Vineyard/Winery
I’m trying to become a big girl and step it up. The only wine I can truly judge is sangria. I’m that girl who asks for the “sweet one” lol. A visit to a vineyard/winery will probably not change that because I'm such a light weight but I at least want to try to expand my palette. You never know I may discover a new favorite.

2. Officially Join a Church

3.  Explore the U.S.
Have you ever been asked “if you could travel the world where would you go?” and find yourself listing destinations with none of them being in your home country?  I do this ALL THE TIME!  How sad. When I go abroad I meet so many people that speak about how much they want to explore in the U.S. from New York to Texas to California.  There is so much diversity in our own land and we need to do better at playing in our own back yards, being residential tourists. Did you know Colorado has natural hot springs tucked in between the mountains? An Indian told me all about it and that’s when I decided….I’m there!

Tikal pyramids in Guatemala

4. Book at least one international trip for 2013 
Clearly because I have the travel bug junkie itch and it needs to be remedied.

5. Go to one Embassy event
D.C. is known for being a global melting pot of cultures. It’s one of the reasons I love this city so much. So I thought that I should take advantage of the many adventures right around me. I recently learned that embassies have events regularly and while they are somewhat pricey ($50 average) they are great ways to learn about a country. They usually include an authentic meal, movie, and some type of live performance or art showcased from a native artist. I'm signing up for the Embassy of Costa Rica. I joined a DC Meetup group for young professionals in international development but there are tons to join for travel or international interest.

6. Get better at Spanish
I’ve been learning the language since 7th grade and I’m still not fluent….I simply need to do better lol.

 7. Splurge on Food
I love food but I realized that when I budget I always get stingy when it's time to calculate meals.I’ve started using a website/app called Savored that gives you 30% off your bill at a restaurant. Their selection of restaurants and bars are 4-5 star so it’s a super deal! However sometimes it's worth it to just spend the money, I’m interested to see how true this really is!

8.  Learn to Cook Mac and Cheese
#catchamankeepaman enough said

9. See Broadway Musical
It’s Broadway week September 4-16! 2 for 1 tickets!  I plan to cash in!

10. Host a learning event for other students looking to pursue travel after graduation
So often my Spelman sisters reach out to me with questions about travel and fellowships and life after college. I would really like to find a more efficient way to answer all these questions, especially because they are usually the same. I’m thinking a live webinar or chat would be the best option with either Ustream or Youtube but I’m open to ideas!

11. Go to music performance at Kennedy center for free!

12. Get a Library Card
I LOVE READING! When I was growing up reading was my first introduction to traveling . While packing my bags from my 10 months in India I realized I had a whole suitcase with nothing but books! Since I can admit that I have an addiction I decided that rather than buying all these books I needed to get a library card so that I can not only save money but space!

*Create a brand for myself that allows me to pursue my passion while getting paid. 



  1. GREAT list Martice!! Especially number 3 and the bonus. I tend to go to the same US cities where family live or where my work takes me. I need to venture out where I know no one or have no set itinerary. And the bonus one will definitely be on my 12 things I would like to do before the year ends. I'll work on the remainder of the list tonight.

  2. Thanks!!! Yes, I'm back and forth to Philly, Atlanta, and DC. I need to get out of my norm and out of my job! lol Thanks for participating!

  3. Hey, we updated our blog post with our top 12. To highlight a few: attend a college football game, pay down debts, and end year in Shanghai, China! Whoot, whoot!!

  4. You have a super list and DC is a great place to accomplish many of those things! I can't wait to hear about your progress. I'm a fruity and sweet person too when it comes to wine. I fell in love with Moscato, cheated with Sangria, flirted with White Merlot, now I'm casually dating Red Moscato. :-)

    Thinking of my 12 now...

  5. Thanks for reading Michaela! I ant stop laughing at your relationship status with wine lol! Your further along than I am lol! Can't wait to hear your 12!